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My mind, let me show you it
I'm writing another story... This would be store #4 if we're taking the past 30 days into account.

Something about the dark sky yesterday, watching Necromentia, and the story I wrote a couple days ago that created a trifecta of inspiration. In very short summation: a woman who is a depressed alcoholic slob is visited by a demon who needs her to do a task for him. He uses all the typical bargaining chips, but she doesn't care, is down right apathetic about his appearance and agrees to do whatever he wants for the fuck of it.

I was listening to Heavyweight by Infected Mushroom on the way to work, and I thought of a ... (whatever it's called when you daydream a video to a song) that brought me to tears of ... I suppose it's the kind of feeling religious people get when they are so moved. I know there's a word for it, not coming to me.

Anyway... I thought of this circus ring: a tent where a show is being performed, and I'm watching all this happen from the stands. The setting by the way is the underworld, the underworld where fearsome disfigured Hellraiser-Necromentia-Cthulhu creatures live. You might call it hell, but it's not exactly like that.

Okay, so the show begins with just such a tall, disfigured, engorged, crippled thing walking into the center. It has 'wings' but they are more like... ever seen Birth of the Wizard? The demon she summons has these fleshy bone protrusions that extend in something like insect 'wings.' It's like that, but they are all calloused and stuff.

There are humans and smaller creatures alike that join this thing. They bring all sorts of ropes, whips, chains, and shackles and position themselves around this hulking figure. It's very cirque de soleil: underworld. (I am listening to Heavyweight, after all.)

Okay, so it's the huge creature that's getting tortured, bound, chained, hooked. I'm envisioning this from 1:22 on... Every down beat of the song is another hit, another graceful act of pain.
Ah 2:16 is where I start seeing the whips, but they leave something behind, some kind of slimy substance that sticks to it, and they beat every inch of the creature.
At 3:00 is where the heavy blunt objects are lobbed at it. Skin is cut, blood spilled.
3:55 it's beginning to suffocate from the bands of gunk the whips have left behind. It's twitching, can't breathe, and truly looks to be dying. The person looking on from the stands is horrified.
At 4:35 it is suspended into the air by hooks and chains, high enough for everyone in the audience to get a look at this twitching, entangled ball of suffering.
And at 4:50 they beat it some more, longer whips with angrier lashes, all in perfect timing.
At 5:30 it stops, the smaller creatures and humans are picking up their things and leaving the ring. The thing suspended, chain, and wrapped is just hanging there. There's a twitch, a slight movement, that causes it to begin to spin in a circle.
(I totally have goosebumps right now...)
At 6:20 (the climax of the song) the spinning ramps up as all the gunk, and slime, and chains, and flesh and blood are flying off the creature. It spins itself right off the chain and is suspended over the audience in a brilliant ball of blinding golden silver light (6:50). It's like one of those creatures in the movie Abyss with its grace and illumination. It dances and flexes and...
At 7:30 it lowers to the ground. Slowly the light darkens, and its glow fades, and callouses start to grow over it, its posture is no longer as straight. All the rough skin and deformities are back, as it walks off the stage.



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