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Writer's Block: Wintertime is here
How do you feel about the winter holidays? Has your opinion changed over the years?

Due to the high stress and bullshit I associate xmas with, I grew to hate it and currently don't even consider it. I'm free of it and blissfully so. I did a trade-off regarding the present thing. On my family's birthday, I make sure to "do right" by them, but as a result - I want no part of xmas.

No decorating. No food. No gifts. No music. Nothing.

However, I made this post because for a brief moment yesterday, I considered changing my position.

I saw a black xmas tree in Target. Like, one of those fake ones... all black. My eyes were all sparkly and I thought of all the cool silver things I could put on it.

The 30 seconds passed and I realized how much of an utter waste of money 'decorations' were, and disregarded the thought.

I don't decorate for anything. I have a fundamental opposition to it. *shrugs* Why waste money on that? Ugh, I don't know, but anyway, it was a moment. It passed.

So, no, my opinion is pretty steadfast.
The only holiday I go in on is Halloween because I don't mind wasting my money dressing up. I like playing dress up. (But still, I frown at the thought of decorating my house for it.... for anything. I barely furnish that damn thing. Perish the thought of doing more than that!)

So, it's nothing against xmas, just decorations all around.

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Yeah i don't do xmas either. My family didn't take it very well, but w/e.

BTW, am i just being paranoid - is that poll inserted by LJ, out of your control? Something doesn't make sense. 1300 respondents?

1300 answers to the poll. :)

Right, but, forgive me for being dense, did you add the poll? If not where did it come from?

Oh! It's a daily poll posted by LJ. When you answer it's automatically a public post and links to everyone else's answer. They do one every day called "writer's block."

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