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Let's see...

Since my last update I went to a "thank god its over" dinner with local participants in nanowrimo. That was pretty fun, and we resolved to keep seeing each other. *giggles* So, once a month we'll organize a meet-up and sit around and talk about writing.

Stormy was in town and I had a sushi dinner with her (and others were present), but mostly I was just loving being in her presence. The sushi was absolutely DIVINE. Oh, volcano rolls so hot as to make me cry and my ears burn. (Hurts so good.) And I had a lovely sashimi platter.

And I'm still writing in a notebook given to me last year. I got some good advice from the "Advice to Writers" twitter account: Don't think then write. Think on paper. I decided to give it a try. I tend to do the former, so I've used a note in Evernote to 'think on paper.' Then pull from that. Experimentation ongoing.

It's nippy out, but the plants have all reached the 1" higher mark, so they are ready to last through the winter.

There's going to be a xmas brunch here at work. I'll finally mingle with some people on the other side of the building.

And that's about it. Oh, Bejeweled 3 comes out today. Yeah, I'm totally excited about that. *cheesy but true*


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