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Look at me, falling behind on the updating again. ^_^

I went to bed around 8pm and woke up every hour after that until 1:50, when I finally decided it wasn't worth waiting the extra 20 minutes for my alarm to go off. I got up, did my meditation, reading, dressed, then went outside to look at the moon.

At first, I didn't see it. I was all like, "where the fuck is the moon?" And then I was like, "hmm, that dull tiny light up there ... that might be it, since I can't see any stars..."

Perhaps I should put on my glasses?!

So I went back inside, fetched my glasses and went back outside to look upon the tiny red moon.

I lay outside for about 45 minutes. I counted 4 shooting stars. Each one made me giggle like a little girl. I thought about all the sunsets and sunrises in the world casting it's fiery light on the moon and mourned the fact that red was a very short wavelength. Cuz, a red moonlight would SO ROCK. *laughs*

I finished my viewing with another meditation and some personal dedications.

I didn't manage to sleep the scant time between 3 something and 4, when my other alarm went off.

This morning was spectacular. The sky was clear. The stars were bright. The moon was red. Squee!

In other news:

Making jewelry. Listening to audio books. Writing a story while also rewriting another story.

Life. Awesome.


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