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Adventure in Publix Parking Lot
I went to see Mom this afternoon. She made some chicken gumbo for me and it's the first 'real food' I've had since the surgery. It was tasty.

After the meal, Mom mentioned she wanted some cinnamon candy, and I needed to pick up more potato soup. So, off we went.

On the way back out the store, it began to rain. Mom insisted I could not run to the car with "holes in my mouth." I wouldn't let her go to the car either. A woman offered her umbrella for me to use. I brought the car up to the fire lane, got out to give the woman her umbrella back, went back to the car... locked and running.

"Mom," says I, "we have an issue. I'm locked out the car." I offered, laughing, to just break my window, but the other woman was appalled at this. Mom couldn't call AAA because she left cellphone at home and mine was locked in the car.

The woman who offered her umbrella offered to drive me home to get my spare key. So, along this ride I got to know this delightful 68 year old woman who used to go to school with Mom. She was equally delighted to get to know me, "her opposite" - a bold heathen. It was quite the pleasant ride there and back. I learned about her and she learned about me.

I got back to the parking lot, where Mom had been standing guard over my idling car and explaining to people why it was sitting there in the fire lane. I unlocked it and we were off. Mom stated that hopefully this was the first and last adventure for the year for her. Mom was quite apologetic I had to go through all that "trouble", but from my end, it was actually pretty fun.


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