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Inner Alarm
No. Don't go back to sleep. You need to get up.

That was my alarm this morning thanks to phone-alarm fail. I always have the voice in my head to back me up though. *high fives her inner voice* This is made even more awesome because I was lying awake in bed till near midnight. Just wasn't sleepy. And yes, I was in to work on time.

I didn't manage to finish that necklace. It just needs a few more 'turns' (crochet term for lack of a beading term) before I can attach the clasp. Turns is probably accurate though, since it's pretty much crochet with a needle and thread.

I returned my first kindle book last night. I got two chapters in and realized that $10 was far too much to lose. The return process requires actually sending an e-mail request, but I got a response within the hour and the book was taken out of my archive. The money won't be returned for 1-2 business days though. I buy my books from a gift card balance anyway, so no biggie.


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