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Tarot Cards / Divination
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I've been trying to teach myself to read Tarot Cards. I figure, I've been reading my own cards for a while, I can understand how the whole divination process works, I should be able to bridge the divide by now, right?

At first, things were going pretty well. I could map connections with Nysidra to most of the cards, to better understand them. Some time last week I pulled a trio of cards, came up with the same jilted one-word answers for them, but... they didn't mean anything. In frustration, I ran to my bag, pulled out my Nysidra cards, and pulled three cards with the same question (oh, I remember now, morning before my wisdom teeth extraction).

The answer was actually the same, in a slightly different (well, hell, different system) presentation. Answer being: you'll be just fine, no worries, enjoy the experience. I saw that immediately looking at the Nysidra cards and only then understood that's what the Tarot cards were saying, I just could not fucking see it.

I've still been trying, which leads me to this morning. As kind of a practice run I've been using one of my oldest, prettiest tarot decks to do readings as writing inspiration. It's worked pretty damn well in the past week.

I decided to do a 'plot reading' and pulled three cards that... I feel like I'm staring at a sign that says "stop" but I'm like, "Well, stop what? where? when? what time exactly? for how long?" I don't ask these questions with Nysidra. I can immediately glance at a set of symbols and think to myself, "stop talking for 15 seconds." That's what I mean when I say that I "can't read" the tarot.

But fuck it, I'm still trying.


What, if you were reading this, would it mean to you:

The World - The Tower - The Judgment

Most times, my three card pulls are "in this context, given this action, will yield this result." For a reading personal wise or plot wise, they both play out just fine.

I'm reading this, and thinking, "So, like... there's a pause between cycles, something being ignored, and reconciliation." *angry dead eyes*

Okay, for fun, I'm going to ask the same question from Nysidra regarding my plot. Don't actually have nysidra cards at work, but it's not something can't handle (asked for 6 numbers 1-6, first number being the oani, second number being the sidra).

Omank - Kofwa - Icelle

In regards to his sense of security, the place where he's built his home, after opening the door, there are a series of small changes, events that begin to unsettle him, but it leads to a relationship, possibly with whatever I've got hiding behind said door. The relationship seems like it's going to be catastrophic, but it will turn out to be mutually beneficial.

I'm totes thinking right now: if not broke, why bother fixing? *chuckles*
Answer: because I have 2 very beautiful decks (one erotic, the second macabre) and it would be AWESOME if they had some use to me beyond being pretty picture cards.

Anyway, point made. Taking my reading and getting back to writing now.

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It kind of depends on what the question is (I will sometimes ask questions that are not well defined and arrive at equally vague answers).

If the question has something to do with dental work then one interpretation might be that there is decay (Saturnine aspect of The World) that will lead to disaster (The Tower) and ultimately yoo will have to adjust to the new circumstances if yoo want to keep on going (The Judgement).

But this is an art not a science, and there are any number of other reasonable interpretations. Because divination is a medium upon which the intuition can manifest in the awareness, I would reccomend against putting too much stock into any explanation of the cards that is not yor own.

If the Tarot is something yoo would like to study seriously, I strongly reccomend studying Qabalah simultaniously.

Well, I've already spent some time studying the Qabalah, so I'm good there. I guess, in the realm of art, it's like being able to work better with oils than charcoal. I keep *trying* to work with charcoal, when I know all my masterpieces are better worked with oils. *chuckles*

3 cards

We live in the World and sometimes experience problems and breakdowns, some of which are hard to fix. When we can see in what way we create our own difficulties, this liberates us and releases us from darkness.
John Ballantrae

Now that's poetry and a great inspiration for me to keep working at my own interpretations. Thank you.

> What, if you were reading this, would it mean to you:
> The World - The Tower - The Judgment

When I read cards, I do not interpret in a linear sequence, but as a 2 dimensional pattern.

The world, to me, is seeing the big picture, and how the question at hand fits into the entirety beyond the querant's personal life.

The Tower is the need to shed things/people/situation which were once important to the querant, but no longer are of importance.

I use the Crowley deck (Thoth deck) in which the Judgment card is called the Æon, whose meaning is the need to perceive beyond old paradigms.

> beyond being pretty picture cards.

I, likewise, have pretty picture decks, but I rarely read with those decks. I read with the Crowley deck because of the richness of Qabalistic Symbolism.

Thank you for your insight. I think my biggest hurdle is syncing with the symbolism so that it stops being a vague dictionary term and becomes more internalized. And to that, I feel the best way is to keep trying, studying, and feeling my way through it.

For me, the way I got thru to the intuitive core or reading came after several ears of personal study. A friend twisted my arm into giving free readings at a Ren Faire. A line formed and got longer as people realized I was giving free readings. I read cards non-stop for over 3 hours. At some point my rational mind just could not cope so all control went to my non-rational/intuitive self.

I was able to glance at the pattern of cards and deduce the answer to the querant's inquiry.

When in the state of doing non-stop card readings, it feels like a cross between hot sex and and lots of ephedrine (speed).

Othwer readers I know can't handle non-stop readings. I just get all trippy and time ceases to exist. My bladder never get full. I never need food. It is a timeless state much akin to eroto-comatose lucidity (see chapter XV here:

At some point my rational mind just could not cope so all control went to my non-rational/intuitive self.
Yes, and thank you. That's the exact line I need to push myself toward and cross.

As for the eroto-comatose state. The point before falling asleep, after the stimulation overload is very much akin to the state known as 'sub space.' Never tried doing a reading in that state... could be cool... ^_^

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