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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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I didn't get any necklace making in yesterday.

Went for my extraction checkup. The orthodontist commented that my holes were "really small" and I'd probably see them closed within a couple weeks. Yay. He also added at the end that he wished all his patients were as effortless as me. Oh well, at least he got me.

Now, even before I went home, I started reading my Bheymil story over again. It's really the only only one I haven't touched. When I got home from my checkup I wanted to finish the story, plus part two, but the 2 other drafts of part two. I was completely enchanted the whole way through. (That might be a little bit like narcissus staring into his reflection, but whatev's. This is my primary purpose for writing: the pure pleasure of going back and reading it later.) Of particular highlight was my use of the phrase "proper spooked" and later when I started spontaneously crying. Of course, there's the requisite feeling of, "ugh, I should have written more" and then also realizing I have no idea what more to write.

I didn't finish reading it all till about 8pm, and then I decided to go to bed early. While I was in bed, I started rereading another story (not my own) and suddenly get a brilliant idea (for a story of my own). I wrote a few lines of that and drifted off by 9.


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