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Sex. Sorcery. Death.
I was up circa around 3am while Joe was getting ready for bed. I'd been awake since 2am and was just falling back asleep. Yesterday I started thinking about how to rewrite my necromancer story. Well, I can't rewrite it. I could do a completely different story along the same thing - leaving the original alone. So... I was thinking on that.

Me: "Can I ask you a question?"
Joe: "Sure."
Me: "What event would trigger a necromancer's latent abilities?"
Joe: "I need you to think a little harder on that and rephrase the question."

Okay, I do. Then I explain that said person does not know they are a necromancer, and some event would trigger that.

Joe: "There's plenty of ways for that to happen."
Me: "Yes, but the only thing I can think of is a near death experience. I don't see any way around that." I start sinking back into my own head, wondering what kind of NDE I'd need to trigger.
Joe: "What about love?"
Me: "Huh?"
Joe: "The death of a loved one. Someone truly close to the necromancer. Love would create a bond so strong that it would bridge death. It could be the trigger event." [I'm paraphrasing him at this point, I think. It was 3am.]
Anyway, typical Joe. It was a brilliant idea and came from an angle I hadn't even considered. Love. Of course. Yeah, that's cool. *giggles*
He even went on to explain that because the person was brought back because of love, that it would be powerful and pure, and I think the last thing he said was, "Necromancers don't get the respect they deserve." (Tail end was something like because they have a unique connection to the thread of life...)
Me: "That's what I was thinking! That's why I wanted her to be good."
Knowing damn well my story is about her slippery slope into becoming an evil empress... >_>
Anyway, she starts off as good. It's the outside pressure from people that hate her and want her dead that make her start defending herself... by any means possible.

Love? How fucking novel. Totes using that.

Joe's a fantasy genius really. Wish I could coax him into helping me more often. But he's more high fantasy epic adventure and I'm more: "If they're not fucking why do I care?"

Crass. I know, but so true.

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Amusing note: Using the term "totes"... So close to the German for death.

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