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I'm nearly done with this necklace, but I don't feel like working on it anymore tonight. I'm all... hot. I don't have a fever or anything, I just feel like it's way too warm. This may be a precursor to being sick for all I know. Duly noted. Or it may just be too hot in the house, but seeing it's the same temp it always is... *shrugs*

This problem is mostly compounded by the fact that I can't find any suitable movies to watch while I do this. The movie has to be entertaining, but not so much that I can't concentrate on what I'm doing. I want to listen to the movie and not have to actually pay it attention. That's why I like horror movies, enough killing and screaming to keep it interesting, but I don't have to actually pay attention to a complicated plot.

Well, I've depleted almost everything in that category on Netflix. I'm left with movies that 20 minutes in I'm scowling at how terrible the movie is.

Eh, I just need to get away from this desk.

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I have no clear idea how you Netflix--but I'm going to suggest that the real value in Netflix if you want a lot of content isn't /movies/--it's TV shows. Not only can you do other things while watching them---but you get hours and hours of content per item and almost as much story as you could ever want.

I don't watch anything regularly on TV--that would be painful. I wait for the season to end and then watch it all at once.

I've done it before on my blog but if you're interested in good things to watch I'll be happy to suggest my favorites ...


Yeah, I just finished a Primeval spree. Problem is that with most of the shows - I've already seen them. And I'm... weird about watching stuff twice. Unless it's in the category of "utmost favorite" I generally don't re-watch something.

At first Netflix helped me see a bunch of horror movies I'd missed out on, but now that well is dry.

All but a very small number of the shows you've reviewed, I've seen (and also enjoyed).

See, prior to Netflix, I used the internet to watch TV - so there's not the gap there like there is with movies.

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