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I don't know how much soap normally costs or how often people buy it, but I'm pretty much stuck on goat's milk soap made by other people. I'd buy it locally but... haven't found anyone yet. It would certainly save on shipping.

For a couple years I only bought from one place, PudledukSoapCo, but they seemed to have disappeared completely. :( <- very sad face.

In the meanwhile I've been trying to find another favorite. My only requirement is that it's goat's milk with shea butter (I've come to like that) - oh, and handmade by someone.

I just bought 3 bars of soap for $22 (including shipping) and that should last me as many months. For a bar of soap a month, that's sane, right?

I bought glycerin soap at first, in 2007, before I discovered the awesomeness of goat's milk, and I haven't used a normal "grocery store issue" bar of soap since. Someone asked me recently what kind of soap I used and I was like, um... "at the risk of sounding like some snotty hipster..."

My lotion comes from L'Occitane though. Their shea butter body cream is so awesome.

And so, I'm sharing this on the off chance that someone else buys 'person crafted' soap similar to mine and has a recommendation. Until then, I'm going to keep buying a few bars each season until I find another supplier to latch onto.

Addendum: It occurred to me, (yes, while in the shower) that I haven't share my secret to making soap last that long (if that's even a long time). So here's my protips:
1. I cut my soap into halves. Some of them could possibly be cut into 3rds, but halves is (are?) good enough for me.
2. I have a wooden soap holder with grooves in it, to drain moisture away from the soap. I place said holder away from any possible spray of water.

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I've used some from Coda's Haven, and while I don't remember (and can't seem to find the info) if they use shea butter, the milk-oatmeal-honey one is fantastic. They have a minimum order of 4 bars, but free shipping with that.

This one looks awesome. I like to get a variety of scents, and their prices are beyond reasonable. I'll definitely check them out.

Ruth Nielsen's - don't remember if she sells goatmilk soaps. Her "Swamp Soap" is fantastic and got Leifr into regularly washing his hands, so he could get to the critter surprise in the center. Her other soaps are awesome too.

Second one down is a goat's milk soap.

Also it occurs to me that if you want a big enough order, Ruth might do a custom blend/custom bar size arrangement. Not sure, but always good to ask.

Someone else who actually cares about the soap they use... I honestly thought I was the only one. I'm sure in my early years I used Ivory, Zest, and other common name brand soaps. I even used liquid soaps like Neutrogena. I eventually found glycerin soap, goat milk soap, then eventually shea butter soap. I found a brand I really like (Pre De Provence) but is hard to find. They make a variety of soap scents, favorite is brazil nut. They had a cocoa one that was awesome but they only made it one season.

I notice a difference when I use it compared to the other soaps. My skin is a lot softer and less issues overall.

I knew about the moisture and wet issue, but never considered cutting the bar in half or even thirds - a great idea!

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