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The iPhone lives
I pulled my phone out the rice this morning and with great trepidation, pushed the home button.

I was then blasted with all the notifications I'd missed. Told I had an alarm go off that I'd missed, seven emails I haven't checked, two 'your turn' scrabble notifications, 55% power, and excuse me, miss: Where the fuck have you been?

So, I'm sitting here blinking, like... I did drop this phone in the water, didn't I?

I put my work light over the headphone jack. There's a strip of paper down there that turns pink during a "submersion" which voids the warranty. Still bright white the whole way.

It works. Flawlessly. Well, the truth of that we be borne out over the week.

Kick ass.

I have to buy a new case though. Better $40 than $700 any day.


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