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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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I was going to make this necklace, simple compared to my previous works. It required creating 4 to 5 snowflake-circles made with crystal pearls. Then stringing these objects into a necklace. I made 3 of the things and decided: Might be pretty, but certainly not fun. Too many points of failure. Fuck it.

I then wondered what else I could do, and decided to make a mardi gras necklace. <-- color scheme wise. I got the "chain" done and was beginning to string the collar. I'm pretty sure I started and stopped about 10 times. It wouldn't line up with the chain. I took it apart and got ready for bed, but then decided to give it another go. The solution isn't what I was going for, but it will work, and it looks fine. I still don't know why I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted it to, but whatever. Now that I've finally started it, I'll probably be finished with it this evening.


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