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Books & Soap
Yeah, that book (The Killing Kind) was every bit as good as I'd hoped it would be. Now I'm caught between trying to read these three "actual" books I have languishing in the background or forging ahead and finding another e-book. It really, really isn't the same. Having to pick up an actual book and hold it open seems so cumbersome. In truth, it's the need for a light source that's the problem.

I received the soap I ordered from Coda's Heaven. No complaints. Quick delivery. I got an e-mail during every step of the process complete with a tracking number. That soap I ordered the day before? Yeah, still don't have it, but the shop is in D.C. So I'm not going to fret until the blizzard clears. Either way, don't think I'll be buying from that one again. I'm partial to the animal rescue (Coda's).


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