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iPad: The Daily / 24hr News vs Streaming news
There's this new-fangled application on the iPad called The Daily. The Daily has its own reporters and it's published... daily.

I read one criticism that the world hasn't been on a 24-hour news cycle in a while and it needs constant updates.

No. This is actually the problem. I, personally, prefer to read something after it's happened, someone with a brain has digested the content, and has regurgitated it to me with thoughtful analysis.

News isn't a headline. I know if you were born after 1990, it may seem that this is the way news should be. It is not. News is not a headline. It's not 140 characters. It's not 2 minutes on a news network that operates like a gossip column when it's not over-hyping an actual event.

I'm actually quite thirsty for articles that are not sensational and fear-mongering but thought out, well written, and sourced from something else other than twitter-facebook-youtube (read: various sources claim...).

It's only been two days, but I have to say I was quite interested to read about the raw milk smuggling in New York. Now, why won't I read a newspaper?

Because the news isn't a series of Reuters articles pasted together by local ads either.

The "streaming news" has its place. During breaking events like the ones currently taking place, it works. Sometimes, I want to actually read something put together by someone educated and trained in the ways of reporting.

But other than saying, "Yay Daily", I'm also ranting against the mentally that news must be a constant stream of entertainment rather than a reflection on events past. (And my goodness, 24 hours isn't that fucking long ago!)

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But can you trust what they have to tell you? I do not own an i-pod so I cannot comment on their veracity.

I never turn to newspapers, TV, or radio for news. Poking about the internet from leads posted on my LJ f-page gives me far more reliable news.

For instance, most all news media tell me that gulf seafood is safe to eat, but looking at the fine print from the government, one learns "safe" means no more than 4 shrimp per week. And the government expects us to clean and shell the 4 shrimp before boiling them so most of the toxins are removed before boiling.

It's not so much about trust - no one gets that. Just listening to several points of view. I knew the FDA banned raw milk. I never heard about it again. I just read an interview with a single Mennonite (?) and why he smuggled raw milk and why he felt it was safe. Who do I trust. Neither, but if I ever get into a discussion I'll have two sides of the story.

Most of the articles are... Well, like a magazine, but insightful. I don't like a sink source for anything.

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