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Web presence
I have two web addresses: and

I'm thinking very hard this year about getting rid of the webhosting for them both. The webhosting, not the domains.

Nysidra, other than holding the system, also serves as a mirror for a book on higher psychology.

BLee currently uses squarespace hosting and I'm not willing to stick with that. I have a perma-journal here. As 'eh' as I feel about LJ - I get everything for free. Can't knock that. I'm going to take the blee address and pay for my account. Downside: I'll need to change the website on my jewelry cards, but then, it's not like I gave out that many to begin with. recently added a feed for flickr, so that solves the jewelry gallery issue.

The money I'll save on the squarespace hosting I'll transfer into paying for 100G on my dropbox account, *maybe.* Joe made a strong argument this morning for setting up a server for the house where we would store our media, rather than putting it on my new harddrive. If I take my music out of the equation, I still have under 2G of stuff to backup.

The new computer was up and running as of this morning, btw. I have to admit, that SSD drive is *wicked* fast.


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