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Playlists... mostly.
Computer is "fully complete" now. You see, after buying the 120G SSD, Joe then said that I shouldn't use it for my downloads / music / media. Can't defrag SSD, lengthens the life of the drive... So I got another hard drive. That plus 4 fans were added to the system.

I finally put my 24G of music on there and went through the pain of transferring other files from dropbox. Also? Having a 'soft reset' on my iPhone/Pad/Pod because all of the custom playlists I had were based on when I purchased the music. Now all my music is new again. I'm extremely obsessive about my music. Extremely. And this is cool, because it's my music and my enjoyment.

Thankfully, I at least had the backup of my playlists. It saved the playcount info from the last 4 years and the ratings. Want to see me bawl like a toddler? Show me 3800 songs with all the ratings removed. That's how Windows Media Player and I broke up (I think it was the upgrade from version 7 to 8). Man... that was a terrible day.

I created playlist like... Select songs from playlist Rating5 where last played is not in the past 2 weeks and last skipped is not in the past month <-- repeat with rules for last played / last skipped changed based on ratings 4 to 1. Then I create an 8 hour list called "tunes" made from a selection of those 5 that I haven't heard lately. I play it at work.
Then the other type was created by saying Select songs where date added is between Jan & Dec 2010 and genre is metal and rating is greater than 3. Another variation is how I know what I've listened to the most for a given year.

The latter psuedo select statement is what got messed up. That's about half my playlists. Had I thought about this to begin with, I would have created static playlists from all my dynamic playlists before I backed them up.

As with all past mistakes when transferring computers - I won't make it again.

Oddly enough, I didn't even care about the programs. After installing Firefox, Foxit reader, Gimp, Evernote, and Dropbox - I had everything I needed. All the other old games, applications, and such: I did the mental equivalent of pitching them in the garbage. If I want to play a casual game, I'll grab my iPad. If I need an office doc, I'll use google.

Joe just read me typing this entry up over my shoulder and said: "You have issues."

Little does he know, I have a whole subscription. ^_^


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