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Mostly, I wrote.
I finished a necklace named Mercury, and decided on the design on the one I'll start tomorrow. I fixed shorted the length of my pink "chandelier" necklace. I didn't wear it very much because I didn't like how long it was. Yay. Better now. Also there was a choker that needed to be reinforced around the clasp. Don't know why I don't just remake it. *shrugs*

I'll do this one 'big' necklace then I have two 'smaller' ones I want to make after that.

Trouble with planning on necklaces I want to do: Once I finish with an actual project, I have two *more* ideas. There's notes from 2007 that I look at and think, "Oh yeah, that would be neat to make." As in, I looked at it this evening. Still in the queue though.

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Wow! That's gorgeous! I really love the "whiskey" one, too.
I added you on Flickr, too.

Thank you! I added you back.

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