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I got more writing done than anything else today. Shout out to for the creative boost. I finished the red embroidered journal. I'm going to stick with 750 for a while and see how that works out as a replacement for journal writing. I can't do both. (I've been copy-pasting my 750 entries into evernote, just in case.)

That necklace I was supposed to start? Still waiting for me to start. Instead, I spent my time consolidating the genre tags on my music. How much do I like metal? Enough that it takes 6 genres to get it parsed into a decent list (Metal, Metal Alternative, Metal Goth, Metal Industrial, Power Metal, Rock, Grunge). Second biggest parsing is the Electronica Vocal, Electronica, Electro-Industrial combo.
What's left after that? Adult Contemporary, Classical, Country, Dance & Pop, R&B & Jazz, Rap, Soundtrack & TV, World.

My whole evening.

In other news, Dropbox reports that it will complete synchronizing my music in 20 hours. (5 days and counting on the epic task of uploading 24G of music to their site.)

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I must look into this Dropbox thing.

I have about 8g of music that I need to get off a hard-drive. I wanted to just gmail it to myself, but that's got a 20meg limit. Any suggestions? I'm going from a tiny Xubuntu netbook with a 150g external to an old but apparently-working-well 2005 vintage iBook with a 300g external. And the iBook can't seem to read the other's hard drive.

I've really liked Dropbox because it's real time. If I save something at work, go home. It's instantly synced. When it comes to writing on different machines, that's a huge boost. First benefit was not wondering where the latest version was stored.

Under 2G is free. Until I needed to back up my music, that was all I used. I upgraded to the 50G package for my 24G of music plus other files.

It may be more finally prudent to get a flash drive instead. A 16G harddrive may be more economically feasible than a $99 / yr, $10/mo subscription.

But if you're going to use the music on multiple computers, dropbox may in fact be worth it.

Edited at 2011-02-11 01:18 am (UTC)

Thanks. Someone else recommended Dropsend, I'll give that a shot too.

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