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Second verse, same as the first. (Beading) Other than that...

I finished a short story today. I don't want it to be short, so I spent most of this evening wondering how I could continue, but, mostly, it's just finished.

I discovered that the peat moss inside one of my fish-bowl-plants has come back to life. I thought it was algae at first, but then I compared it to the dead stuff and was like... oh, neat. I thought all the moss that comes in those plastic bags was dead, or something. Really weird seeing a hyper-green spiny green thing down there. I called Mom about it and she said it was fine, and probably a great sign that I'm keeping it moist enough. 0.o I'm okay with the zombie moss, but if I see crawling things down there I'm going to wig out. Can't be helped. Once, I had a cup of acorns and I kept them for awhile. When I went to get the cup, it was full of worms.

This is how I wig out: I stood up, cup in hand, and walked very calmly out the house, I marched to the garbage bin, and put the whole cup inside. I turned around and walked back into the house, never to touch acorns again.

If things are crawling in the bottom of that bowl one day, that's what's going to happen. I will very serenely pitch the entire plant into the garbage.

For the record 'flying things' were in there for the first few weeks of planting. That's cool. I'm referring to wiggling things. That is not cool.

If it made sense it wouldn't be crazy.


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