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Pigtails. Red.
I woke up this morning and decided: pigtails.

Fun fact: Pigtails is *not* a safe image search. No sir.

I'm fairly sure I got the part straight, and my braids are near perfect. Pics, cuz it really happened. Only thing missing is ribbons. I don't have ribbons. Even if I did, I'm not sure I have the bow-tying-foo necessary to properly tie a ribbon. But if there were ribbons they'd be huge 1" wide, shiny, and red.

Because I have come to peace with my addiction to red and no longer pick other colors because I want to pick red.

If color choice: then red.

Life's too short to avoid red.

While it looks like I'm wearing black, that's just the 'jacket.' I have on a red shirt with a red bra with red panties red socks... dark blue jeans and burnt orange boots though.

Fuck yeah, Red.

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I once knew a gal with flaming red hair. She always wore green. When asked why she did not wear read, she made a face and said "red clothing makes my hair look muted. Green makes my hair look even more red."

"Life's too short to avoid red." I like that. And, I have a weakness for redheaded females.

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