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Update, Final: This entire post was made irrelevant by the discovery of an MBA with an Information Security specialization.

As an exercise I've been thinking about getting another degree online. I can't go back into a classroom.

Three times now I've drilled down to what I was interested in only to yell at myself: You already have that degree, Bianca!!!

(BBA in Computer Information Systems)
I've ended up looking at a BBA in Tech Management, or a BA in Information Systems.

Totally still the same thing. *laughs*

I'm still inwardly whining about it, but I'll probably swing toward network security or electronic engineering.

Yeah, see, thing is, I *like* tech management and software architecture more.

Oh, wait. I already have that degree.


Anyway, as stated, this is mostly an exercise. In case I were to actually make this decision one day in the future.

Why? *shrugs* Boredom.

Addendum: And I just did it again, but this time, I'm arguing that's it's okay to learn the same thing twice. *laughs* BA in Computer Information Systems with Systems Analysis specialization. See, so, I wouldn't get shit for having a business degree in which I learned to design software. And it's definitely in the realm of what I like to do.

Addendum #2: Justice Administration with Digital Forensics specialization. Utterly different, expands my current knowledge set, increases my awesomeness score. I can't argue that I know much of anything included in the course.

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How about something totally different like, horticulture?

It's hard to justify $15k in personal expenses (or anywhere there about) that doesn't have a return on investment.

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