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I irritate me. *le sigh*

Another morning spending several hours thinking about this education thing.

I'm not getting a master's degree, not until I work somewhere that would reimburse me for the pain in the ass it would be.

The root of my problem are the two subjects I personally feel weak on, and that certainly isn't business or management or software. It's advanced math and science. I love those two subjects, and while I'm sure I know more than the average college graduate, I feel cheated by the professor that got fired his first 6 months on the job after teaching the Calc I class I had the horror of being in.

That Calculus class was why me and several other CS majors jumped over the first course offering of CIS. Not saying that I may have not quit later, but still... I could have learned calculus with a proper teacher. I loved the sciences. If being a science grad didn't mean being Pharma's bitch or with an underfunded / undervalued R&D outfit, I would have done that.

So, there's a perfectly fine a la carte state college here. I'll just take maths and sciences until whatever itch I have is properly scratched. For credit or not, doesn't matter. This is just about me.

Now... it would be more perfect if I could just hire a private tutor (professor) to teach me these subjects. But um, yeah, in Pensacola? Hell, won't hurt to look.


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