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Sonja is back home and looking flawless as the day I bought her. Unfortunately, it smells like nail polish inside the car. Good thing the weather is nice. I'll need to leave the windows rolled down for a few days.

I'm getting out in the yard today. I need to beat the weeds. There's two methods I can go with. Dig - wait 2 weeks, pull roots. Or Dig & sew immediately - to put the plants and the weeds on the same playing field.

I think I'm going to go with the wait route. I can pull weeds then plant. Plus, it's not officially spring yet, so I'll have a head start.

Am I going to be able to wield a shovel and sew necklaces at the same time? (Not to mention gaming?)

I'll certainly find out. Can only dig during daylight hours anyway. Plus, I've learned a lot of lessons from working in the front yard that will allow me to go much faster.

First plan of attack is to work along the back gate and go toward the house. I'm putting the sunflowers along the back fence line, so that's one whole packet I can go through.


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