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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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I smell like peaches today. The person I bought my soaps from made scented jojoba oil. She sent me the cotton candy one for free, but erm... no. So I bought peaches, mostly because of the PUSA song.

And as for the whole iPad thing, I'm definitely buying the next one. The problem is with deciding what to do with my first one. Joe wants it, because he bought it for me, and has envied mine the whole time. I want to give it to Mom, because she fears computers and the iPad will do everything she wants to do on it. (Internet, mail, music.) I don't exactly 'owe' a gift giver his gift back *laughs* and it's not like I haven't watch Mom use it with ease. I have a week.

And... here's a picture of a cluster of flowers in the yard.

Need help with identifying this flower though. It isn't in the database of seeds I knowingly planted, and it's beautiful. It's a white flower with a blue brush stroke on the tip of each petal.

Already figured it out. It's called a Five Spot, and I have it misidentified in my database. Actually, I don't. I have a shitty picture of it in my database. *giggles*

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Nerd points for putting your flowers in a database. And I mean that in the best possible way. :)

*laughs* ... To I redeem cool points if the database is on my iPad?

Well, since I know *nothing* about plants, I figured I needed some way to identify this stuff once it started blooming. And my database is sorted by bloom time and ...

Yeah, just a nerd. *chuckles*

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