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Writer's Block: Life's lessons
If you could confront the worst teacher you've ever had, what would you tell him or her?

Thanks for being memorable. No, really. I don't have any memory of 1st grade except for the sea green dress I named "Blast Baby" and how, when I turned in a circle, the skirt of that dress flared straight out.

And how, when I displayed this awesome ability of my dress in class you put me and two others in the corner where we then bent over and touched our toes. This was not the first or last time children in your class did this. And, in retrospect, I suppose it was an effective torture tool. Bending over and touching your toes doesn't seem like a big deal at first. No, it's after we start crying and complaining about dizziness that you then begin to drill into our heads that anything less than sitting down, shutting up, and not being a child would be accepted in your class room.

It's the only thing I remember at all about first grade. I don't even know what I was learning or doing in your class. I don't remember your name.

I know how painful it is to bend over and touch my toes for a significant length of time. And I know I'm stronger than the girl that collapsed crying beside me that one day.

Photo! I loved that dress so much I saved a picture of me in it: Blast Baby
Probably would have forgotten how awesome that dress was if I hadn't been tortured for loving it. True facts.


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