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Epic Storm Dragons
dark star
Well, yesterday was pretty fucking fun. Epic thunderstorm. The tornado sirens (which sound like a Cylon Raider invasion) went off three times. I got classically told to "calm the fuck down" and even got it on video. It was said in the spirit of friendship because of my zeal for disaster.

What I *didn't* get on video because I was too busy seeing it was the dark dragon that descended from the clouds. Okay, it was a very dark gray wisp of clouds that in the right conditions may have touched down on the ground. But it didn't. It looked like a dark wyvern with a head and two wings that curled down like a couple claws.

As potent as my imagination is and as much as I love when things go tits up... I took a single step back away from the rail. I mean... that may be how an actual dragon looks!

But at the final moment it dissipated.

Fuck that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Okay, no wait, that meteor shower in '03 or there abouts still reigns. This goes down as number 2.


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