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Pink orb
Guess I'm due for an update.

I'm on the last story in the last hand written journal. According to Evernote, I've written 45 stories since 2008.


Yeah... Pretty fucking prolific. Of course, I'm using the word 'stories' on purpose, as in, short stories. Most of these don't get above 2000 words. The whole project to fill all my blank journals paid off.

I ... didn't get much writing done 2007 and earlier outside of Nano. I know Nysidra, KV, and the playing around with Infinity took up the early millennium.

I guess I can declare my "fuck it, write every day" project a rousing success.

I'm on page 19 of 55 on this last one. It's been exhausting typing this much, but I'm going to push through, and then move on to creating some new content. I typed up 7 journals of writing in a little under 2 weeks. After the first week, my wrists stopped swelling. *laughs*

Also... Indian Blanket bloomed yesterday...


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