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Scary Things (Insidious)
dark star
I took myself to the movies yesterday to see this. Two things happened that have never happened to me with a horror movie.
First: I watch *A LOT* of horror movies. Chances are if I haven't seen it, it's because 1) I didn't know it existed 2) it was too horribly done for me to bare to sit through. Otherwise, I've seen it, gory, thriller, cheesy... I love my horror movies. Foreign and domestic. Outlandish and artistic.
I'd have to say of all of them Embodiment of Evil and A Serbian Film are the two in which I actually felt my innocence dying. I know what that feels like, but I sat through the whole thing and I'd probably watch them again, but not alone, like, with a friend, whom I could enjoy watching their innocence die instead.

The only movie that has ever disturbed me was Demonic Toys, and that's because I was a child, and for several weeks I went to bed trying to push the idea out of my head that the devil wanted to do the nasty with me and put a baby inside me. I was really, really too young to see that movie. But I got it out of my system.

Also, there was this one time after watching IT that a low-helium balloon came floating into my room. I woke up, saw it at the foot of my bed, and attacked it.

I don't scare easily.

Now, while watching Insidious yesterday, two things happened to me that almost never, ever happen:
1) I got goosebumps and my heart starting racing at the same time. (SO COOL!)
2) I flinched.
Those are major. That's on the scale of saying I was afraid to go to sleep with the lights off - and that's never happened. I sleep in full darkness quite peacefully.

However, there was this one time I had a dream where these hands were trying to pull at my feet from under the covers. For about a week I had a problem being in a dark room. So I made myself sit in the darkness imagining things with their hands about to grab me and pull me into the void until I got over it. Took a few days.

Insidious is the first horror movie I'd consider made for occultists where a Christian doesn't do anything to help. (OMG YAY!) Also, I like the mythos created for this one, especially since mine is quite similar. What they call 'the further' I call the netherworld or shadow realm. Either way - no mention of heaven or hell or god. Score!
Now, there are faults with the movie, but I'm going to let myself be a fan girl for a few more days before acknowledging a few downsides. It made my heart race. I'm in love for that alone.

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Thank you.

I even checked last night to be sure it didn't post twice (something wonky happened) and only saw one of them. 0.o

Hmm, I'm going to have to see some of those. I usually like horror and otherwise uncomfortable movies. A friend recently recommended I see Dumplings because she said its the kind of sick shit I'm into but I don't know if it's quite the same. Remind mee sometime to tell yoo the story about when I took a date to see Irreversible.

Dumplings was cool, but PG13 compared to what I'm talking about.

Also, I'm currently watching Irreversible. ^_^

Hopefully yor watching it while snuggled up to someone. It's totally a date movie.

Ever get so sleepy that it hurts? Yeah, that was me half way through Irreversible. (Had nothing to do with the movie, I just wanted to go to sleep.) So I still need to finish it today.

However, I should mention, the first half of it, looked more like a 'artfully shaded' view of most of the porn I enjoy. I think I finally blanked out when he found the dude he was looking for.
Which would be gay fetish leather porn. So... nothing I haven't seen before, and not merely in glimpses.

Totally a date movie, if I ever MET SOMEONE who liked the things I did.

As for my husband... he actually went to see Insidious without me yesterday. I was sleep when he got home though, but all he said about it this morning was "it was cool."

He severely lacks my enthusiasm for destruction. This, however, is a good thing. No one should be encouraging me. lol


Yes, most certainly a date movie.

Thank you for mentioning it. ^_^

Yeah, so I took a date to that when it was playing on the big screen not knowing anything about other than a cinema-freak friend of mine said it was the best thing in theaters at the time. The room was packed when the movie began and at least 3/4 of the seats were empty by the end. My date and I stayed until the very end however.

Once the lights came up my date turned to mee and said "do yoo think I'm going home with yoo tonight?" I said that I guessed probably not. Well, she did! This was my xgf who wore a Tshirt that says "abortions tickle," and had herself had an abortion. Sick sense of humor, I miss her sometimes. After we saw the movie, she went around telling her friends that were couples to go see Irreversible because it was "A great date movie. It's like Memento but better."

Best movie ever :D I'm only 12, so it scared the shit out of me!!!

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