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To Start: Every thing is awesome.

I bought a sprinkler. After the single day of rain, I've been using it every couple of days. Blooms are increasing exponentially. Begrudgingly, the positive reinforcement is to keep watering the yard. -_- I suppose if I have to put water on something, I'd rather it be a meadow rather than a lawn.

Pretty though.

Writing. I was completely blank yesterday, but I forced myself to type words today. Those words turned into an idea. A full novel's worth of idea. I still need to figure out "why should I care," but it's more than I had yesterday.

I've been reading Bryan Smith for the most part (Depraved last month, The Dark Ones currently). His writing comes as close to my own as possible. It's nice to see someone can write like that and be published. Good feelings all around.

Work: effortless so far, within my ability and such.

I spent last weekend hanging out with Mom, Darius, and Amanda.

When not doing any of those: Playing Civilization V. I can't manage a domination victory. I've done every other type, but I'm always too busy piddling in my own country to get out and Make War Happen. But hey, I can win any of the other 5 ways. Still, I'd like to learn to fight, cuz that's all the multiplayers get up to. (War! What is it good for? Winning vs. Other People.)


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