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Problem with a permanent account is that it makes no sense to make it go away. Another month though, so here comes my best effort.

Haven't been writing much. Social activities (outside the walls of my house) have taken up that space. I have this necklace I've been dragging ass on finishing. It looks... I can't judge a necklace until I've fastened it around my neck. I have 4 necklaces I just *knew* were ugly that I now love wearing. So... hrm.

I'm in some kind of special 3G hell. Though all my devices are reporting decent connectivity. *Nothing* will resolve. I've had better luck in shittier places. It's just the naval base though. As soon as I leave, everything is peachy again. I think they are purposely doing something to thwart my ability to circumvent their network. Probably for the best... productivity wise and all.

Now that's it's been raining quite regularly, the yard is beginning to look better. More flowers... and more grass. I've decided to end the grass offensive. Whatever, it's green; it doesn't cause trouble.

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I know what you mean about a permanent account - mine is too. I am definitely keeping it ebmben though I don't update it.

I wish I could come down there and frolic in your garden lol!

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