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Can't believe I said I'd post my stories here. I'm not doing that. I will say I've got three up so far.

I was playing Fatorio non-stop, but then I got this great idea to put the stories up, then realized all the newest stuff was written down. Thus, the typing.

I'd like to call what I do pansexual and sex positive, but then I got to typing up one of the darkest things I've ever written. Being me, that's saying a lot. It disturbed me to write it, and for that reason, I'm toning down the shared version. Even still, I think one would get the point: bad times. It's long though, three parts, I put the 1st part up today. You'd think something as simple as a txt file would be easy, but when you've working between Mac and PC - nope! I think I've got it down though.

Smut and nothing but: (Not really, but best to go in thinking that)

Full speed ahead until I get tired of typing, then maybe I'll switch to some of the 'old stuff."

Between April and May I wrote an easy 100,000 words - ink on paper. Most of it was the mad ramblings of a mad woman. Might type some of that up too (might, she says, how about, nope). My stories have become disturbing enough without the accompanying brainstorms.

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Thanks for the link, it will provide some night time reading.

I hope you stumble across something that suits your interests. ^_^

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