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Banner Day
I haven't touched 'The Priestess' in a year.
From the moment I woke till now, some 16 hours later, I've got it polished.

The Priestess is science fiction, occult fantasy erotica. Mouthful, yeah? It features the Nysidra symbol system as a family-based religion.

It's all I've done today, and for a moment, I thought, "Hey! I could print this." Two sections later, I was like, "Nope. Not changing that scene. Everything stays."

The Priestess describes the Oani from the 'human' side of the veil. Bheymil is from the Krae Virdani side. I will get to Bheymil.

I just put section 1 of 6 up. I think I'll throw up a new section through out the rest of this week. Staggered, because I need time to work on other stuff. I keep switching between typing up written works, writing new stuff, and editing old stuff.


I have great work to do, and today great work got done.

Yes, that includes Infestation. I need a day like today for that one.


In other news, I've decided I just can't share what I've learned from my work (occult) in the past year. It has nothing to do with secrets. I just can't find a way not to sound like (more) of a lunatic than normal. There's only one way to share what I know, and it's in story. It's in my descriptions of dealing with spirits and works of magic.

Also, maybe I'd just feel better with a one-on-one discussion, knowing my audience and all.

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Out here the afternoon heat means that most days I am trying to do as little as possible between 3 and 5 pm pacific time. Unless the construction project is critical and involves livestock or concrete pours. :) so always feel free to drop me a ping.

P.S. the Dell Latitude is still running. I've had to do some desktop tweaks to keep it running at a decent browser speed, the summer heat makes it lag so I have it on stilts for airflow. But still, for an old laptop in a hostile environment (dust year 'round, 100°+ in the summersummer, a cat that keeps trying to log in) it just keeps working. Ubuntu up to 14.04, and I am pretty happy with its lack of built in camera and crazy primitiveness. Yeah, I'm geeking a little.

Your message got me in a mood. So I typed it all up and posted it. ^_^

I should not be afraid to be crazy. That ship sailed long, long ago. *giggles*

Yay! I was thinking about that laptop just last week. I'm so glad you're getting good use out of it.

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