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Off Script
It's a fallacy to assume all toddlers are hyper active curtain climbers, that all babies scream through the night, that all christians are good people, and that all luciferians / satanists / demonologists are rampaging murders obsessed with death and destruction.

Being a meat eater doesn't (always) mean you hate vegetables.

The 'script' is a prison. It's the same uncreative spiel that says a woman grows up, gets fucked, has babies, and supports her husband. That men are caretakers are protectors and providers. That dd/lg scenes must replicate every instance of an actual father interacting with an actual daughter.

This happens, sure, but doesn't *have to.* All you have to do is be a human being and love your life. Full stop.

That concept, going 'off script', tearing up the rule sheet - is part and parcel of being a threat to societal order. The essence of control is predictability, rule sets, normality. Ideas and people who threaten that are feared.

Oh, don't me wrong, there's the deviant behavior and malevolence, that comes with that. Just as being a 'good person' leads to the folly of good intentions. Shit happens. I'm not going to sit around and be like, "Oh, I'm a Luciferian, but I'm a kind one." Nope. Fuck that. I'm me.

Just saying I'm a Luciferian is off. I'm mostly a fan of the cause. I'm not religious. I believe in magic. I'm an atheist. I love demons. I glorify the rigor of science and appreciate the psychological fake-out of spiritualism.

Mostly because I can't be bothered with the script. I follow my bliss, where ever that leads.

Some times. A lot of the time, my bliss leads to very dark, very dank basements of the soul.

But I don't let my rafters get dusty either.

Don't listen to the script. Only shitty tele-dramas are filled with rigid personalities. You can be a bull-headed prick in the morning and a charitable, loving teddy bear by evening. For no fucking reason.

It's reality. They'll say that's what terrible about "real stories." They are unpredictable, nonsensical, and hard to grasp.

Live a real story. Go off script.

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It's the grownup rewrite of "Goodnight Opus!"

I had to look up 'Goodnight Opus' - what a wonderful book!

Yes, it's very much like that.

As an aside, last night I was doing research on schizophrenia. It fit in with this post. People who hear positive, encouraging, helpful voices exist, but they don't report them as being a 'problem.' But very few people ever discuss when the voices in your head are your biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

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