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Writing Project
Much of what I do in writing amounts to managing my stories, ideas, drafts, and edits.

I use Evernote for the managing of edits in a notebook called 'Story Work.'

Using 'Torment of Angels' as an example, the entry title is: "201402-17 Torment of Angels p"

Year and month. 17 means it's the 17th story I worked on that month.

Ordered by title, the bottom entry is the last story (of 70, at this point), that I've done anything to - edit, improve, work on. (December 2012 - That year's project was to edit and work on every single story I have.)

Now that I'm trying to post all of them online, I started adding the status flag
t - typing (a story I wrote by hand)
w - writing (new story)
d - draft (needs to be edited, status after I finish typing or writing)
p - Published or Posted

I know tags are the popular thing to do, but I can't see tags at a glance. I don't want them grouped, I need to see everything ordered. It's been working; I have a lot of work to manage. Hence, why I need to get posting / publishing this work before I die. I've been entertaining myself with my writing for 25 years. If it's still shit, then I'm in good company, but I really need to get it off my computer and in the world.

Keeping focused is my issue at the moment. Yes, I'm writing. I'm also trying to type from the three journals I filled in May, and editing stuff to publish. I've decided to go completely to .txt files instead of using Storyist. (Storyist is still good for some super disorganized novels that need better structure and characters.)

I can edit text on my phone, my iPad, my PC, and my Mac. It is also the preferred format for I considered htm and such, but that gets in the way of my goal: writing and editing. Anything that slows me down from that irritates me.

Seventy stories. Once upon a time in my early 20s I cried when I realized how much college had kept me from writing and vowed that nothing would ever get in my way of my first love.

Upside of posting this stuff - it forces me to get all my edits better than 'good enough for me' and up to 'good enough to have my name attached.' Not sure I always believe the latter, but variety is the spice of life.

My current project is to get 50 of 70 of those stories at 'p.'

As for paperback, I might do Tangled Passions, but part of me is feeling like. "Eh, I've already published two. The rest of them can be free."

I'll burn that bridge when I get there. As for today: I really need to finish the rest of Infestation. I'm near the end of part 3, and if I can remain focused, I can get part 4 up by the end of next week.

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