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Oh, Internet
A fount of knowledge, support, and discouragement.

Let's talk about the discouragement.

I've been walking-in-place for the past year for about 5 miles, if the pedometer is anything to go by. I got bored of it. Yes, that took a year. I have a playlist and a lap top. Walking in place was like a stationary treadmill. It didn't bother me until 1 hour of marching didn't even break a sweat.

What did I settle on? Stretching. Not just stretching - contortionist level stretching. That did not last long. A few days and I was bombarded with:
"That's dangerous"
"why would you do that?"
"You're going to hurt yourself"
"You should do something else"

Nothing discourages like 'helpful comments' like that. I'm not 'stretching before exercise' or anything else. Stretching is the point. Stretching extremely was the goal. I looked it up - yeah, stretching so dangerous. As a fun exercise, I looked up the other 'dangers.' Guess what else could cause serious injury: EVERYTHING.

That's right. Everything will kill you, injure you, and is filled with peril. Fucking kills, but that has not deterred me, has it?

Oddly enough, walking is perfectly safe. Unless you walk outside - then you might die. >_>

I'm in between. I was having fun until the 'helpful comments.' Should I take up yoga (but not group yoga, because that's dangerous.) Or stick with stretching? I was acting responsibly, taking my time, only doing a 'wee' bit more than my current flexibility.

Hell is other people, as they say. Does stretching really weaken the muscles? Could I really do myself more harm than good? If I'm not a dancer, does flexibility matter?

I don't like leaving my room. I don't like equipment. If it takes over an hour a day, I'm not interested. I still have other options. Two. Yoga and full-bodied isometric exercises.

Or I could go back to walking. No one has declared that an anathema YET.

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oh fer cryin out loud.

If you can stretch to extremes and it doesn't hurt, then:

1. You are flexible. They should stfu.

2. I suppose there is a possibility of the genetic disorder called Ehler-Danlos Syndrome - it runs in my eventually ex-husbands familyfamily, and while he was never tested, he dislocates easily, and my kids both have crazy-flexible joints. (Me? I could never sit comfortably crosslegged, and that is after stretching.). I also found a fascinating link with the whole collection of those things, so here - a fun read if medical journals don't gross you out.

3. Unless they are trained osteopaths, yogis, senseis or other martial masters, physiatrists or whatever, STFU is about what they should do.

I expect you're fine.

Re: oh fer cryin out loud.


I'm not as impervious to outside opinion as per usual. I appreciate the cheer leading.

I don't have any genetic bonus skills. My hip-flexibility is (self) graded at an "F" - which I considered a great boon. That means I would continually see progress. And seeing change is a great motivator.

I say keep stretching. Loss of flexibility is one if the neon ways we get hurt as we age. It's extremely good for the muscles, posture and, when done with breathing exercises and meditation - good for our mental and spiritual health!

Thanks love.
As said above, my shields are down, and I'm not as impervious to outside opinion as usual. When the voices of dissension come from both work, home, and friendships, I owe it to myself to allow a bit of critical evaluation.

That's why I looked up everything - running, weightlifting, dancing, ballet, exercising - all of it is dangerous. Makes a girl just want to sit on her ass and say 'fuck it.'

I'll go back to it, by tomorrow even, but I'll keep it secret. What people don't see / know - they can't comment on.

Stretching and walking can become easier with high dose oral MSM powder once or twice a day

It's gotta be something you enjoy doing, whatever it is. If that means taking your life into your hands, I trust you to do that.

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