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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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Woke up this morning and chose my wreath necklace to wear. All black and gray otherwise but red crystals, silver bells, frosted and metallic glass beads of green, red, and silver.

I felt supremely festive.

It's December, but it is simply divine that November fell along the writing of Consort. I'm in the third act. Clocked 5k words on my new laptop. The keys are buttery smooth with this drum patter. And well, I know how to make the keys do this so that it becomes like a drum circle just getting to know each other. Snippets of patterns and phrases.

It's like a typewriter in that way, but more tactile than audible. Funny, given the keys are so flat.

Progress for the entire Consort project to date: 169,550. 


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