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Grindcore death black heavy metal
Launch Week of suggested music playlists.
Spotify: Here are your top suggestions for the week.

Me: Thanks! This is awesome!

Week 2: Stil awesome, but kinda heavy.

"Kinda heavy" is a running complaint. (was)

Week after week, "I'm not that into it. Why do you keep suggesting this?!" I have listened to no more than 10 seconds of some suggestions for every song in the playlist for that week.

I was so sick of having "HORRID" uber-death-grunt-metal that I even changed up my 'songs' so that the other genres which I equally love were represented.

Here is the music I've had on repeat all week:

Archers - The Hills (45 plays)
deadmau5 - 2448 (11)
Aphyxion - Dark Stains on Ivory (9)
Journey - Separate Ways (9)
Sia - Angel by the Wings (8)
Despised Icon - Beast (8)
Lamb of God - Culling (7)
She - Abyss (6)
Nick Johnston - Sandmonster

All suggested by Spotify recently, so it's actually learned.

As have I.

I like much harder metal than I say I do. I loved 'Beast' the moment he started squealing like a pig.

"But it's really good metal" <-- I like it, and by default, it is a good thing. I've given up the search for a common thread in music I love. Spotify does a good job. I find 1-5 out of 20 tracks enjoyable a week.

To be honest, I'm no longer qualified to judge my music tastes. I have grown to appreciate one or two samples of everything. ^_^

From my #1 track this week:

I only call you when it's half-past five
The only time that I'll be by your side
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I'm fucked up, that's the real me

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Archers - The Hills
Cold Kingdom - Let it Burn
Despised Icon - Beast
Thrice - Black Honey
Excision - Neck Brace
deadmau5 - 2448
Aphyxion - Dark Stains on Ivory
Korpiklaani - A man with a plan
Lamb of God - Culling
Starkill - Into the Grey

(see, one day, I'm going to figure out what these songs have in common)

Archers - The Hills
King 810 - Alpha & Omega
Gemini Syndrom - Awken
Arkasia - Intravenous
Infected Mushroom - Nutmeg
Specialist - Bhangre'ch
Specialist - Dhaaru Pee Ke
Cold Kingdom - Let it Burn
Knife Party - Battle Sirens, Brillz Remix
Paradise Lost - Krypt

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