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Bianca's Year in Music
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This year I've listened to 22 songs / day or 18 days of music. Every song that I have linked I feel is a beautiful, awesome, fun song. These are truly my favorite songs and artists of the year.

91st Percentile artist: Angra (Several years running)
Leprous, Born of Osiris, Evergrey, Gemini Syndrome round out the top 5.

91st Percentile Album: The Congregation by Leprous I fell in love with this band and album by accident. Personal recommendation that hit so hard on the mark that I wonder what it was about me that made this such a perfect match. That link is to the entire album (worth it), but top song for me is The Price. (I RARELY like whole albums.)

My top 3 songs of the year
Native Construct - Passage (Most aurally delightful)

Rendezvous Point - Wasteland (Most emotionally Beautiful)

As Mr. Man calls it: "Your Angry White Boy Music"
(BUT THIS SONG IS AWESOME!) (And thus, most hard in the paint)

Honorable 4th place mention: I See Stars - Ten Thousand Feet (I know why I like this one. Harlem Shake influences. Danceable.) Pairs well with GDFR by Flo Rida for the same reason.

My top musical tags: Progressive Metal, Metal, Power Metal, Metalcore, Electronic <-- that's listed in order of frequency. lol.


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