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Writing-Plot Project Management
94k currently and nothing but writing hours ahead.

This last section has been 'pushed through' during the 'stream of conscious idea' / 'pencil outline.' / Handwritten outline-draft / Typed official first draft.

Honestly, that's the iteration I'm on. I figured it was the answer to the question: "How can I draft an entire series at once so that it is cohesive throughout?"

"I'll figure it out later." Has been a broken record for Part V.

Last night I figured out part of it. Natalie needs more of a background, something that makes her more than a whiny/scared once-abused yawn-inducing whimp. She deserves better. I found a way to get her there.

One down, like, 50 to go.

There is a legitimate later - once I get the official first draft typed. Then my ideas are a matter of rearranging timelines with the shift of a file or a Copy-Replace function.

Until then, I have two Research-Notes: Reading Notes (Ideas during a reading of the handwritten draft). Writing Notes (Ideas during this phase.)

Later. As soon as I finish typing this up, reading back over through all of it - then I fix things.

Which begs the question: And how to do I plan to keep that pile of fixes from contradicting itself someplace later? Or my memory of an event not being the final draft?

At least I know I should be asking. I guess.

I have experience in this area.


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