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Consort: Draft 1 complete
266,670 is the final word count for draft 1 of the project.

Wrote 102k words this month.

So, now is the later.

I'm going to create a Scene List and Index. The Index will have characters, objects, places, and events. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow can highlight the category.

And yes, I'm going to keep it all in Scrivener though the instinct is to reach for paper. I can't carry paper everywhere. It's fun to use, but then I don't have the whole project with me at all times.

Scrivener can do the scene list with the 'notecard' view of all my scenes. The titles already tell me point of view character and a word or two about action or event.

I started this project Jan 2016. Draft 1 complete before 2017 is EXACTLY what I was hoping.

I know 2016 has been a shit show for a majority of the populace, but for me?



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